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"Chi Locking" for Health and Chi Development

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"Chi Locking" is a technique used in a variety of Tai Chi and Qigong styles. This technique can help improve chi flow and clear blockages in the chi meridians through the build-up and release of pressurization.

In this video, you'll learn the two required parts of a successful chi lock, and you'll see both dramatic and subtle examples of chi locking in Qigong.

Key points:

  • Chi locking is a localized twisting or bending movement, usually in the limbs, that intends to cause "pressurization" in the chi meridians

  • The "chi" analogy is of a water spurting through a hose clearing anything blocking the flow in the hose.

  • Two key elements to Chi Locking:

    • A gradual and/or prolonged twist

      ... followed by ...

    • A quick release

  • Examples for ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong:

    • Obvious example: the "Heaven" hand in Touch Heaven and Earth

    • Subtle example: lowering the hands in Hold the Sky with Both Palms

    • Many other examples can be found throughout the ChiFusion Complete Course.


Action Steps:

Review the following lessons in the advanced training in your ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong Complete Course:

  • Level 1, Lesson 1C: Hold the Sky with Both Palms, especially ChiFusion Detail #4
  • Level 1, Lesson 2B: Touch Heaven and Earth



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