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Deepen Your Centerline for Health and Chi Development

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The "centerline" is one of the most important concepts in ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong. It's so important that we mention in 18 out of the 31 lessons in our Complete Tai Chi and Qigong Course!

Find out how you can improve your centerline in your practice. We'll also discuss a special Qigong you can use to "deepen" your centerline and build a central "energy column" for health, stress relief, and Chi development.

Key points:

  • Importance of the centerline: 18 out of 31 lessons in the ChiFusion Complete Tai Chi and Qigong Course mention the centerline.

  • The centerline runs from the top of the head to the groin, connecting nose, navel, and groin on a single line.

  • Four uses of the centerline:

    1. Physical alignment in torso - for example, the bend in Level 1's Hold the Sky in Both Palms

    2. Isolation of torso during waist, hip, leg movement - for example, Level 3's Structural Details of the Bow Stance

    3. Channel tracing - especially of the Governing Vessel (Du Mai) and Conception Vessel (Ren Mai)

    4. Mirror Alignment - for circulation mirroring of vessels or Chi flow up the spine. Example: Level 3's Energetic Flow #2 in Tai Chi Cloud Hands

  • Deepening the Centerline - the ultimate use of the centerline for health and Chi Development:

    • Centering Elements Qigong uses a variety of techniques to "deepen" the centerline into the body, building a central "energy column" or "central channel"

    • This center energy column is a connection of the five most important energy centers, strengthened and stabilized.

    • I would like to see every student and every instructor practice Centering Elements. No matter what style of Tai Chi or Qigong you currently practice, it can be a valuable addition to your Chi Development.

    • Because it involves the very center of your physical and energetic existence, Centering Elements can have profound effects on physical health, stress relief, and Chi Development, as well as happiness and emotional well-being.


Action Steps:

Review the following lessons in the advanced training in your ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong Complete Course:

  • Level 1, Lesson 1C - Hold the Sky with Both Palms, especially ChiFusion Details #1 and #2

  • Level 3, Lesson 4C - Structural Details of the Bow Stance

  • Level 4, Lesson 8 - Centering Elements Qigong



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