Freeing Your Inner Tai Chi Master

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Flowing with Energy - Freeing Your "Inner" Tai Chi Master

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Working on energy flow in Tai Chi is not something vague or mystical reserved for masters - it's something practical that YOU can do!

Find out the steps that lead to energy flow and how you can use them to free your "inner" Tai Chi master.

Key points:

  • There's a Zen saying:

    "Before I began studying, mountains were mountains and rivers were rivers. As I studied, 'mountains' weren't mountains and 'rivers' weren't rivers. As I realized my true nature, mountains were again mountains and rivers were again rivers."

  • Energy work in Tai Chi is a similar process

    • Tai Chi movements originally are just movements (robotic Tai Chi)

    • Tai Chi movements aren't movements, but a stripping away of filters to become aware of your energy patterns

    • Tai Chi movements are again movements, as you develop an open awareness of energy flow

  • The practical steps:

    1. The Robotic Stage - do not neglect this stage, and spend more time on it than you think you need.

    2. Working on Energy Flow - Pick three or four of the most important

    3. Work on them one at a time - each for an extended period of time

    4. Cycle through the list several times

    5. Work on them in a single movement before trying to extend them to multiple movements

  • The "Big Four" energy flows in ChiFusion Tai Chi:

    • Inside the body: Rising-then-falling leg-hip-leg flow

    • Rising leg-spine-shoulder-arm-hand flow

    • Outside the body: a "collecting" flow from Wei Chi to lower dantien

    • Outside the body: a "covering" flow from lower dantien to Wei Chi

  • Freeing Your Inner Master

    • This is not vague or mystical - this is a practical, core influence

    • It's not something you think about or imagine, it's something you feel !

    • This is where true health, stress relief, and chi development in Tai Chi starts

    • This is something you can do!


Action Steps:

  • Review Level 3 in the advanced training in your ChiFusion Tai Chi and Qigong Complete Course



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